Basketball Court Construction

Basketball Court Construction and Design in New Jersey, New York & Connecticut

Sports Surfaces is the industry leader when it comes to basketball court design and construction throughout the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. From residential homes, to community parks to commercial property, our experts specialize in all types of basketball courts and work directly with you to select and design the ideal court for your property.

At Sports Surfaces, we’ll design and install your outdoor basketball court so it is customized for your specific needs. As our customer, you can select from any size, shape, color and regulation full or half court options when designing your basketball court. Plus, you’ll choose from different surface options, including cushion courts, modular tile (sport courts), concrete and acrylic asphalt.

Learn more about our basketball court design options below:

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Basketball Court Size

Regulation Full-Size Basketball Court

Have extra space on your property? A full-size basketball court may be the perfect option for you! When installing full-size courts, our experts apply a solid base of rock, which will ensure a perfect pitch. Then, a layer of asphalt is applied and the court is flooded to uncover any surface imperfections or dips that require repair. Finally, acrylic resurfacer and acrylic paint are applied to establish the lasting, clean finish on your basketball court. Our team will also stripe the court to either college or high school regulations, depending on your needs.

Regulation Half-Size Basketball Court

Tight on space or located in an area that’s tough to get to? We recommend opting for a half-size basketball court to fit your needs. As part of the installation process, our team will ensure that the property is level and accurately measured. Then, we will apply a plastic vapor barrier that will protect your court, as well as a layer of concrete. After the 30-day period required for the concrete to cure, we will flood the court to uncover any surface imperfections that require repair. Finally, acrylic resurfacing paint will be applied as the final touch to create a long-lasting finish.

Basketball Court Components

Basketball Court Standards (Goals)

As a Sports Surfaces customer, you will select from a wide range of basketball court standards (goals) for your court. Among our standard options include, plexiglass, glass, adjustable and fixed systems. While selecting the standard is an important part of the overall design of your basketball court, our team will help you to find the perfect fit.

Basketball Court Accessories

As the premier source for basketball court design and construction, we offer many basketball court accessories, including goals, bleachers, scoreboards and protective padding. Examples of our customer-preferred options include:

  • Family-friendly basketball systems, which can adjust from 6’– 9’ for easy access for children
  • Custom backboards available in plexiglass, tempered glass and aluminumSizes range from 48” to 72” (NBA regulation size)
  • Extension arms, ranging from 2’ – 5’

Basketball Court Materials

Standard Asphalt Basketball Court

Asphalt stands as the industry preferred material for basketball courts. One of the many benefits of asphalt is the relief it creates on players’ joints due to the softness of the material. What’s more, asphalt is the most affordable surface option that will maintain durability throughout years of use.

Standard Concrete Basketball Court

Concrete is a recommended alternative for property with limited space or that is located in an area that is not easily accessible. When installing concrete courts. Sports Surfaces uses a special cementitious acrylic product and vapor barrier to ensure paint firmly adheres to the surface and the court maintains long-term durability.

From Bergen County to Long Island to Westchester, Sports Surfaces is proud to offer premier tennis court construction throughout the Northeast! We currently serve customers in counties throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.