The East Coast’s #1 Cushioned Hard Tennis Court

There are many choices when it comes to tennis court construction, but none of them come close to Sport Surfaces. We are the East coast’s #1 company for cushioned hard tennis courts.

Choose the Best

This surface requires skill, technique and expertise to install correctly for optimal play and durability. Our #1 rated experts at Sport Surfaces are highly trained and in cushioned hard tennis court construction and the many benefits it has for tennis players of all levels across the East coast.

Our Construction Process

Here’s what to expect during our top-rated installation:

  • A layer of asphalt is poured, followed by a layer of acrylic.
  • While most other companies will stop here, we go the extra mile by adding extra layers of cushioning for optimal comfort. A base cushioning layer requires 5-9 applications of rubberized cushioning, which is then topped with heavy-grade and fine-grade rubberized granules.
  • Finally, acrylic paint is applied to the court to complete the construction process.

Cushioned Hard Tennis Court Benefits

The cushioned hard tennis court is among the most popular surfaces for tennis in the Northeast because of its many benefits. Most notably, the surface’s extra cushioning provides optimal comfort during play and its flexibility protects against injuries. It is also highly rated for durability, as it can uphold use for years of enjoyment. While the cushioned hard tennis court does require an additional $5-11K investment, it is well the many years of maximum comfort and minimum maintenance.

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