Har Tru & Clay Resurfacing

Har Tru & Clay Tennis Court Resurfacing in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Sports Surfaces is one of the leading experts when it comes to Har-Tru and clay tennis court resurfacing in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Our trained professionals specialize in proper resurfacing and maintenance techniques to ensure your tennis court stays in like-new condition.

What To Expect During the Har-Tru Court Resurfacing Process

Our team is trained in Har-Tru and clay court resurfacing and maintenance techniques. We will work with you to provide the proper maintenance schedules to maintain your court’s durability for years.

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Laser-Graded Resurfacing

Note: Har-Tru and clay tennis courts can be irrigated with above ground irrigation systems or below ground hydro-court/hydro-grid systems. Our professionals can resurface tennis courts with either option.

  • Removal of all existing line tapes
  • Scarification and disposal of existing “dead” material to reach fresh clay
  • Replenishment of material to meet 1” standards (if needed)
  • Laser-grading to provide proper ½ percent slope
  • Rollout of new Har-Tru/clay court until flat and smooth
  • Measurement and installation of line tapes on newly resurfaced court
  • Installation of aluminum nails to secure court in place

Recommended Scheduled Maintenance

To ensure your Har-Tru and Clay tennis court stays looking great, Sports Surfaces offers a specialized, cost-effective maintenance program. The simple program includes necessary court resurfacing every 3-4 years and a scheduled plan for accurate watering and maintenance. We also offer professional maintenance services by our trained experts on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to meet your specific Har-Tru or clay tennis court needs.

From Bergen County to Long Island to Westchester, Sports Surfaces is proud to offer premier tennis court construction throughout the Northeast! We currently serve customers in counties throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Please contact us today for your free estimate!