Shuffleboard Court Resurfacing

#1 Shuffleboard Court Resurfacing on the East Coast

Shuffleboard is one of the most popular games in the United States and is trending across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. It’s not only fun for all ages; it’s also a cost-effective court to maintain for years of enjoyment.

The Best Materials = The Best Results

At Sport Surfaces, we’re proud to be the #1 shuffleboard court resurfacing company on the East coast. We are the best because we only use the best materials and techniques for shuffleboard resurfacing—creating #1 results that our customers can count on.

Shuffleboard System Options

We offer the most options for our tri-state customers to choose from. Take a look at the different surface options below:
*Please note that a regulation-sized shuffleboard court measures 6’ wide, 52’ long, 6’6” standing area on each end.

  1. Concrete: Concrete will be poured on the entire court surface. Once dried, it will be painted (green is standard, however Sport Surfaces can customize your court to any color). We will then paint lines on the court and apply shuffleboard wax for a smooth surface.
  1. Stained: Stained court systems require sealers, wax and glass beads and must be maintained regularly. However, this system offers increased durability and long-lasting performance.

Industry Standard Dimensions & Specifications

Space required: A ground space of approximately 312 ft. is recommended.

Direction: The longest sides of the court should orient north to south. Courts should also be sloped between .05% and .15%.

Dimensions: Industry standards measure 39’L and 6’W. Total dimensions are 52’ x 10.’ There should be a 6’ area reserved for player safety on the ends of the court. In addition, 2’ areas should be reserved on the sidelines. The triangle 10 off area is located at the base.

Drainage: Surface is recommended to be concrete with finish. The drainage should be level with the surface and as removed from the playing areas as possible.

Sport Surfaces provides the #1 shuffleboard court resurfacing on the East coast. Contact our experts for a free consultation on how to bring your shuffleboard court back to life!

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